Better Plugin Readmes by Siobhan – €80

Siobhan will make your plugin readme extra awesome in return for your donation to CFCommunity!

Writer. Word Ninja at Audrey Capital. I work on WordPress all day – documentation and history. Also I’m pretty much the coolest person in the world*

*: this last part was totally not added by Bowe & Sarah

For who?

Plugin or Theme authors on!

What do you get?

Siobhan McKeown will go through your plugins readme text and offer you tips, edits and suggestions. She’s officially a Word Ninja so your words are safe with her.

Claim this perk!

  • Go to the CFCommunity IndieGogo campaign. and on the right side of the page select the “Better Plugin Readme”
  • Make your donation and support CFCommunity!
  • We will get in touch with you to make the magic happen!
  • Unlimited Karma and Virtual hugs from all people affected by Cystic Fibrosis!


One response to “Better Plugin Readmes by Siobhan – €80

  1. I am so obliged used for your blog post.Really looking forward to interpret further. Great.

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