Better Plugin Readmes by Siobhan – €80

Siobhan will make your plugin readme extra awesome in return for your donation to CFCommunity!

Writer. Word Ninja at Audrey Capital. I work on WordPress all day – documentation and history. Also I’m pretty much the coolest person in the world*

*: this last part was totally not added by Bowe & Sarah

For who?

Plugin or Theme authors on WordPress.org!

What do you get?

Siobhan McKeown will go through your plugins readme text and offer you tips, edits and suggestions. She’s officially a Word Ninja so your words are safe with her.

Claim this perk!

  • Go to the CFCommunity IndieGogo campaign. and on the right side of the page select the “Better Plugin Readme”
  • Make your donation and support CFCommunity!
  • We will get in touch with you to make the magic happen!
  • Unlimited Karma and Virtual hugs from all people affected by Cystic Fibrosis!


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