Below are those who’ve helped extensively with CFCommunity. They’ve all contributed immensely through their generous donations and spreading the word about our project. Thank you!


For us here at Woo, WordPress isn’t just a platform for setting up websites. WordPress is a vehicle to inspire social change and to create awareness throughout the world.

The CFCommunity project is a showcase of the true power of WordPress to enact social change within the world. This is why we do what we do; to empower the world of web users.

A minute with Woo – Introducing CFCommunity

Marko Heijnen

I love the idea behind CFCommunity. Using WordPress to create something for those who can’t meet in real life.  By contributing to Open Source projects and making a living through working with WordPress,  I’m able to financially contribute to projects like CFCommunity, which is something  that I’m very happy about.

 From Marko’s Blog: This is who I am

Human Made

 Like many in the WordPress community, at Human Made we spend a lot of time focussing on the “how”. How do we make this happen? How do we fix this? How could this be done? We work with WordPress or BuddyPress as tools to achieve the objectives of our project, the client’s project, to make the “how” happen.

We often forget about the “why” and the fact that the tools we are using have the potential to create something with life changing impacts. Bowe Frankema’s CF Community project is all about the “why” of WordPress.

From the Human Made Blog – CFCommunity: Focussing on the why


YouthPolicy is building a global evidence-base for youth policy. We generate and consolidate knowledge and information on youth policies across the policy cycle, ranging from analysis and policy formulation to implementation and evaluation.

We’re proudly helping Bowe & Sarah in making CFCommunity happen!

Visit YouthPolicy.org


CFCommunity is an example of how WordPress can (and does) impact real people and help to change lives for the better. We’ve met Bowe in person on several occasions and are providing our WP Valet services as well as consulting on the details of the creation of CFCommunity.

We’re also donating 6 months service of our Express Plan as a Perk to anyone who donates to his Indiegogo campaign at the €850 level or higher.

From the WPValet Blog: Helping to build CFCommunity

Become a sponsor

There are still sponsor spots available for CFCommunity. By becoming a sponsor you will be mentioned in all our press outings, on CFCommunity (once it goes live) and in many future blogposts about our project. Additionally you’ll be forever in the hearts of those affected by CF 🙂 Sponsor spots can be earned by donating 1000 Euros or more to our IndieGogo campaign. Want to know more? Check our donation page!